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Dublin Uneven Ages Relays

Congratulations to all our athletes who ran so well in Irishtown on Friday night in the Uneven Age Relays, and performed so well. Results as follows: U.19 Girls 4 x 400m 1st 4 x 100m 1st U.17 Girls 4 x 400m 1st 4 x 100m 1st U.15 Girls 4 x 100m 3rd U.19 Boys 4 x 400m 1st 4 x 100m 2nd U.17 Boys 4 x 100m 2nd U.15 Boys 4 x 100m 1st Well done to all!
<img src="" alt="u19girls 4x4.jpg" />
<img src="" alt="u15 boys 4 x 1 .jpg" />
<img src="" alt="IMG_0075.JPG" />
<img src="" alt="4x4Boys.jpg" />
<img src="" alt="IMG_0076-1.JPG" />
<img src="" alt="IMG_0080-1.JPG" />
<img src="" alt="IMG_0078-1.JPG" />
<img src="" alt="u17girls4x4.jpg" />
<img src="" alt="u15girls4x1.jpg" />

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