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Grace is Hell Week Champion!

Congratulations to Grace O’Rourke on her great success in R.T.E’s Special Forces Hell Week . 24 recruits tackled the brutally physical and psychologically gruelling eight-day challenge while experiencing sleep and food deprivation Six women started the course, but were given no concessions and had to carry the same weights as men. The selection process for special forces operatives is so difficult it has a failure rate of more than 90 per cent and no woman has ever passed it. However, D.S.D’s Grace O’Rourke was among just two recruits who made it through to the end of a torturous eight-day course, the other competitor was Des Seepersad. Well done Grace!
<img src="" alt="Grace Hell Week_n.jpg" />
<img src="" alt="Grace O'Rourke.jpg" />

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