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Great Start to Dublin T & F Championships!

On the 1st day of the Dublin Track & Field Championships D.S.D athletes made an excellent start, with our Javelin Throwers and Long Hurdlers taking home lots of medals.  Daniel Conway was 1st (u.17) 300m hurdles, with Eoghan Fitzmaurice Gold (u.19) and Cillian Connolly 1st U.15.   In the Girl’s 400m Hurdles (u.19) Rachel Lynch was 1st with Siofra Fitzmaurice 2nd U.15 and Alice Sinclair 2nd (u.17).  Tom Deally 2nd (u.17B) and Andrew Hayes 2nd (u.19B). Deirbhile Hassett won the U.15G Javelin, and in the U.15B we had a clean sweep with Marty 1st  Conn 2nd and Oisín 3rd.   George McGilton had a great win the 800m, and Lena Muzellec was 1st in the U.18G Long Jump. Well done to all our athletes in action on Day 1. (anymore photos received will be included!)   Provisional Results: Boys U.15 250mH                            1st Cillian Connolly                              38.13                                                 4th Fiachra Babb                                  40.67 U.17 300mH                            1st Daniel Conway                               40.57                                                 2nd Tom Deally                                    44.38   U.18 400mH                            2nd Andrew Hayes                               57.14                           U.19 400mH                            1st Eoghan Fitzmaurice                       56.32   800m U.14                                      5th Dylan McCambridge Crossan        2.25.56                                                 6th Harry O’Meara                               2.27.82   U.15                                        3rd Xaime Abeledo Chousa                 2.13.88                                                 4th Conn McCluskey                            2.15.57                                                 7th Conor Pimlott                                2.24.06   U.16                                        5th Aidan Flanagan                              2.16.68   U.18                                        1st George McGilton                           1.59.62   3,000m                                    U.16                                        13th Aidan Moore                               11.03.38 U.17                                        9th Andrew Gillart                               10.10.52   U.18                                        4th Jake Mathews                                9.35.04                                                 5th Callum Downes                              9.37.81                                                 8th Fionn Neville                                  10.45.85 U.19                                        2nd Lochlann Hannon                          9.57.13   Javelin U.15                                        1st Marty Davitt                                   28.80                                                 2nd Conn McCluskey                           27.00                                                 3rd Oisín O’Haimhirgin                        26.69 Shot Putt                     U.15                                        2nd Conn McCluskey                           9.61   Long Jump                               U.15                                        2nd Conn McCluskey                           5.04     Girls U.15 250mH                            2nd Siofra Fitzmaurice                         37.71                                                 5th Olivia Garvey                                 40.25 U.17 300mH                            2nd Alice Sinclair                                  50.44 U.18 400mH                            5th Tahia Martin                                  72.00 U.19 400mH                            1st Rachel Lynch                                  65.12   U.12 600m                              5th Lorena Butler                                 1.54.62    800m U.14                                        7th Olivia Butler                                   2.32.91                                                 8th Julia Butler                                     2.39.55 (2.29.75 heat) U.15                                        7th Farah Halpin                                  2.42.60 U.16                                        11th Pia Kraeft                                     2.47.18   3,000M U.17                                        4th Sadhbh Hassett                              11.40.57                                                 5th Isabella Prina Mello                       11.50.02 U.18                                        5th Olivia Tobin                                    11.53.18   Long Jump U.15                                        2nd Maya Stella                                   4.55   U.16                                        4th Amarin Fintor Filipe                       4.44                                                 11th Robyn O’Halloran                        4.00 U.17                                        2nd Alexandra Doyle                            4.74                                                 4th Eabha Durbridge                            4.60 U.18                                        1st Lena Muzellec                                4.62   Javelin U.15 1st Deirbhile Hassett 23.68 Shot Putt U.14 3rd Becky Isaac 10.00 8th Gemma Bunce 7.63 U.15 5th Deirbhile Hassett 7.42 U.12 13th Charlotte Garvey 5.33

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