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Juveniles enjoy T & F Championships in the sun!

Dublin Juvenile Track & Field Championships continued this weekend in warm sunshine, at DSDAC Sports Campus, Tibradden. (Robert Hayes, who was out of action because of injury, provided us with some good photos of the boys, so more photos of the girls will be included when received!) DSD Results: U.16 Girls 80mH 4th Lauryn Healy 14.18 H.Jump 2nd Lauryn Healy 1.45 200m 7th Alice Sinclair 28.04 1500m 5th Isabella Prina Mello 5.18.26 7th Sadhbh Hassett 5.30.34 U.16 Boys 100m 7th Michael Costello 12.75 U17 Girls Olga Buckina 1st Discus 20.82; 2nd Javelin 20.08; 3rd Hammer 19.12 100m 5th Abbie Collins 13.36 6th Tahlia Martin 13.88 200m 5th Abbie Collins 28.42 7th Tahlia Martin 29.90 400m 7th Tahlia Martin 68.65 S/Chase 1500m 2nd Olivia Tobin 7.55.85; 5th 5.10.45 U.17 Boys 100m 1st Laurence Gevero 11.43 100mH 2nd Andrew Hayes 15.64 3rd Oscar O’Haimirgin 16.00 200m 4th Andrew Hayes 23.94 5th Ocar O’Haimhirgin 24.44 400m 2nd Sean Healy 52.83 1500m 3rd Cillian Chambers 4.31.60 7th Jake Mathews 4.42.16 11th Tadhg Bartelink 4.54.02 U.18 Boys 100m 1st Jack Kiely 11.16 3rd Cal Traynor Russell 11.37 200m 2nd Cal Traynor Russell 23.20 3rd Jack Kiely 23.40 6th Conor Storey 24.90 400m 1st Antoine Roquette 52.66 2nd Eoghan MacMuiris 52.92 110mH 2nd Eoghan MacMuiris 15.99 3rd Conor Storey 17.92 1500m 6th Ciaran Connolly 4.32.06 U.19 Girls 100m 1st Aobh Forde 12.64 2nd Molly Mullally 12.97 3rd May Meghen 13.65 200m 1st Aobh Forde 2nd Molly Mullally 3rd May Meghen 3,000mW 1st Ciara Wilson Bowen 15.54.64 1500m 2nd Isabella Tomkin Beddy 5.06.68 Triple Jump 1st Molly Mullally 11.46 (PB) U.19 Boys 110mH 1st Chris Admirand 20.45 100m 3rd David Roche 12.12 5th Chris Admirand 12.88 400m 2nd Chris Admirand 60.17 Any other results will be included when received. Well done to all!

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