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Meet & Train's Magic Mile was ... well, Magic!!

Sarah Colton tells us about Meet & Train's recent adventures with the Magic Mile on Saturday 12th June in Irishtown. With the DSD Meet & Train (M&T) warm weather training season truly up and running it was that time of year again...the Summer Magic Mile ! A 24-strong group emerged from the safety of the air conditioning to take on the challenge of the first in-person group mile in some time due to current world antics. With some clear procrastination from the group as they watched the Seniors, Juveniles and Masters sprinters whiz around the track while doing some static "stretches" it was time to actually start the warm up (though how much warmer could we actually get). Stephen Judge organised us into two groups and de-briefed us on the game plan. A good DSD warm up routine meant we were ready to head to the start line. Group 1 took to the track first (no surprises there). Thomas Roche stormed around the track looking strong (and most definitely back in action!!) and was first home from the group. Alex Romano was close behind him with a really brilliant run. Stephen Judge and his bandana were next to cross the line showing a smashing result while coming back from injury!! Sophie McDaid was very close behind with absolutely brilliant pacing throughout!! Philip Horan was next to fly over the line closely followed by the two birthday boys John O'Grady and Enda McMorrow, demonstrating that birthday cake really is rocket fuel!! Pauline Mulligan had a brilliant run and timed it perfectly to come in under the 7 minute mark. A special shout out to Alison Vard Milller and Sarah Coss on their inaugural Magic mile! They both absolutely smashed it with Alison coming in with a sub 7 time and Sarah in flying form coming in just over the 7 minutes. Can't wait to see you guys run again in January!! With some grunts and groans at the sun emerging from the clouds it was time for Group 2 to hit the track!! Our resident speedsters Dr. John (Sloan) and Fast Eoin 1 (Fogarty) put on a road runner paced performance around the track with a very close finish between them!! The cheers could be heard around the track spurring on the rest of Group 2 who were finishing up their final lap. Next across the line was Sean Ward who had a fantastic run, smashing his previous PB to run a sub 5:30, huge achievement! There was a very close group across the line next with Daniel Rak (First Magic Mile with the DSDers so big Kudos!!), Barry O'Grady , Eoin Carroll (Fast Eoin 2) and Gavin O'Flaherty all extremely close to that 5:30 time, smashing out unreal times even with that cotton wool mouth feeling in the heat, absolute champions!! I was next to cross the line with Shauna Gowan hot on my heels smashing her mile PB. Shauna was looking fierce strong, there were whispers that her new coach Ollie really cracks the whip at training but the results are clear to see!! Keep the pressure on her Ollie!!! Victor Li , Claire McGovern , Dean Browne and Cynthia O'Neill rounded up the group with an absolutely flying finish down the home straight to achieve brilliant times for the summer mile!!! Cynthia's shouts of encouragement were reported to have spurred on the speedy finish from the group!! But the real champion of the day was Alexander Romano who provided the delicious baked goods (extra magic mile points for sure!) which were needed to restore the depleted sugar stores!! It was also a great opportunity to celebrate the two birthdays (also extra magic mile points for running on your birthday!!). A huge well done to all that took part, whether it was your 1st magic mile or your 101st, whether it was a PB or not on this occasion it is always worth doing and gives you an indication for your training over the next few months. Until January, Magic Milers I will leave you with our DSD Meet and Train Moto.... T̶r̶a̶i̶n̶i̶n̶g̶ ̶i̶s̶ ̶a̶l̶w̶a̶y̶s̶ ̶o̶n̶ There is ALWAYS a jumping photo!!!

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