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Meet & Train: We meet up and we train.  Simple!

National League Belfast

Well done to all those who travelled to Belfast on Sunday for first round of the National League. Results to follow shortly.
<img src="" alt="2018_06_25_IMG_5965.jpg" />
<img src="" alt="2018_06_25_IMG_5775.jpg" />
<img src="" alt="2018_06_25_IMG_5624.jpg" />
<img src="" alt="2018_06_25_IMG_5649.jpg" />
<img src="" alt="2018_06_25_IMG_5877.jpg" />
<img src="" alt="2018_06_25_IMG_6278.jpg" />
<img src="" alt="2018_06_25_IMG_6140.jpg" />
<img src="" alt="2018_06_25_IMG_5980.jpg" />
<img src="" alt="2018_06_25_IMG_5952.jpg" />
<img src="" alt="2018_06_25_IMG_6204.jpg" />
<img src="" alt="2018_06_25_IMG_5710.jpg" />
<img src="" alt="2018_06_25_IMG_6333.jpg" />
<img src="" alt="2018_06_25_IMG_5840.jpg" />
<img src="" alt="2018_06_25_IMG_5697.jpg" />
<img src="" alt="2018_06_25_IMG_6088.jpg" />
<img src="" alt="2018_06_25_IMG_6244.jpg" />
<img src="" alt="2018_06_25_IMG_6011.jpg" />
<img src="" alt="2018_06_25_IMG_6399.jpg" />
<img src="" alt="2018_06_25_IMG_5753.jpg" />
<img src="" alt="2018_06_25_IMG_6263.jpg" />
<img src="" alt="2018_06_25_IMG_6117.jpg" />
<img src="" alt="2018_06_25_IMG_6358.jpg" />
<img src="" alt="2018_06_25_IMG_6302.jpg" />
<img src="" alt="2018_06_25_IMG_6160.jpg" />
<img src="" alt="2018_06_25_IMG_5856.jpg" />
<img src="" alt="2018_06_25_IMG_6415.jpg" />
<img src="" alt="2018_06_25_IMG_6124.jpg" />
<img src="" alt="2018_06_25_IMG_5928.jpg" /> Thanks to Steven Dagg for great photos.

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