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Olympian Síofra battles on the world stage

Síofra took her place amongst the best in the world at the Tokyo Olympic games this morning, 30th July 2021. Running in Heat 4 of 6, it was top 3 to qualify and the 6 fastest loser spots available. With medal contenders Raevyn Rogers of USA and Keely Hodgkinson of GB in her heat, the competition, even by Olympic standards, was extremely high. Síofra asserted herself at the bell and had to fight for position as the pace lifted. With 200 to go the big kick started and Síofra fought all the way to the line for 7th in 2:04.62. Unfortunately this wasn't enough to make the next round but, she can be proud she has represented Ireland and DSD on the world stage. For us at home, on RTE Player in our pyjamas, it was a mix of pride and heart break. Thanks for the adventure, Síofra! We'll be seeing more of you! Roll on Paris 2024! John Eves (this time in Dublin!)

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