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REMINDER:  U9 to U11 Team championships – Submit your entry NOW!

<img src="" alt="Team Champs2018 - U10 Boys LJ.jpg" /> The Dublin U9 to U11 Team & Relay Championships will take place in Irishtown on Saturday 11th May, 2019. How the Pairings/Team Work Athletes compete in pairs and their combined time/throw/jump is added together to determine where they place in each event. Please pick 2 events of your choice (preferably 1 Track and 1 Field event). Coaches will pair the athletes in teams. If two athlete are not paired and doing separate events, coaches may switch one or both the athletes to give them the best chance to compete as a Team. Coaches will try to meet all athlete’s first preference, but this not always possible. We would therefore appreciate your understanding when circumstances do not allow first preference. You are a TEAM! Athletes are competing as TEAMS (2 per team), it is therefore important when you say you’re available to compete you turn up on the day. Not turning up leaves your Team Mate without a Team! Relay Teams: In addition to the two paired events athletes can compete as part of a relay. All athletes entered are considered available for a Relay Team (unless otherwise advised). Teams will be selected by coaches which will be made up of 4 runners plus 1 sub. Depending on numbers there may be more than on team in each age group. Who can take part? All fully registered U9 (Born 2011), U10 (Born 2010) and U11 (Born 2009) members can take part. Please note only those born in 2011 can take part in the U9 age group, athletes born in 2012 or younger are not permitted to compete! With the exception of relays, athletes must compete in their respective age group. Athletes can step up an age for a relay, this is restricted to a maximum of two from the younger age group with two running athletes of that age group. The only exception to this rule is the U9 relay where all athletes must be born in 2011. IMPORTANT NOTICE TO PARENTS: The Dublin Athletics Board require each club to put forward volunteers to help officiate. For this reason, it is now a condition of your child’s entry a parent of each athlete will be required give at least one hour of their time to officiate at these Championships. Unless we provide officials we run the risk of our athletes being excluded from the competition. Please give your name and details on the Volunteer Section of the form. Any forms received without completion of this section will be returned for completion. Entry Forms & Events Schedule: Please not entry forms (see link below) must be returned on or before Wednesday 1st May, 2019. Entries received after this date will not be accepted. Photos/scanned copies of the form can be emailed to , or printed forms can be given to your coach. Links: U9 – U11 Entry Form. Team/Relay Championships Timetable .

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