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Robert Takes Spirit Sandyford 5k Title

A titanic battle between team mates Robert Corbally and Mark Conway ended with a fast last lap by Robert, that saw him come out on top in the Spirit Sandyford 5k last Thursday. The 3rd place finisher, Ray Lonergan, representing Skillnet Ireland and a Donore Harriers’ athlete, joined Mark on the last lap but could not maintain the sprint to the finish, and finished 5 seconds behind in 3rd place. The first finisher in the women’s race was Aileen Gittens, McGrath & McGrane, who led her team to 1st place in the women’s team race. This 5k race has now become a must for local businesses in the Sandyford Industrial Estate and there was an improvement in numbers from last year with over 700 finishers. Well done to all the participants and the 130 D.S.D., volunteers, who did a marvelous job in ensuring that everything went well on the night. Male Winners: 1:Robert Corbally, Roughan & O’Donovan 15.31; 2: Mark Conway, R & O’D 15.54; 3: Ray Lonergan, Skillnet Ireland 15.59 Team: 1: R & O’D; 2: Bank of America; 3: Microsoft Run Run Run Female Winners: 1:Aileen Gittens 19.22, McGrath & McGrane; 2: Aine O’Donnell 19.34 Raw Runners; 3 Aileen Flynn 19.37 Beacon Hospital Team: 1 McGrath & McGrane; 2 Beacon Hospital Physio; 3 Cabinteely Hill Harriers Mixed Team: 1 R & O’D; 2 Skillnet Ireland; 3 Microsoft Forest Gump
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