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Meet & Train: We meet up and we train.  Simple!

St Thomas’s 1st Official Training Day

Some photos from St Thomas First Official Training Day which took place Tuesday April 26th <img src="" alt="IMG_1068.JPG" />
<img src="" alt="IMG_1075.JPG" />
<img src="" alt="IMG_1078.JPG" />
<img src="" alt="IMG_1080.JPG" />
<img src="" alt="IMG_1081.JPG" />
<img src="" alt="IMG_1096.JPG" />
<img src="" alt="IMG_1116.JPG" />
<img src="" alt="IMG_1122.JPG" />
<img src="" alt="IMG_1161.JPG" />
<img src="" alt="IMG_1062.JPG" />

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