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DSD Juveniles go Cross Country!

Updated: Oct 13, 2021

On a beautiful autumnal morning we had a great turn out with 87 DSD athletes racing in Tymon on Sunday for the cross country league 2.

A huge thank you to all our coaches who were there on the morning who walked the courses, warmed the kids up, collected coats and all the general organisation that goes hand in hand with running cross country!

For some it was their first time running a cross country race; for other seasoned athletes it was another race under their belts

Well done to all of our Juvenile athletes who participated.

U9 Girls – Dara, Zara, Ana, Arabella, Maria, Jessica

U9 Boys – Jack, Matej, Krishna

U10 Girls – Lile, Caoila, Lorena, Aoife, Freya, Ruth, Alannah

U10 Boys – Adam, Yang Liu, Fionn, Cameron, Fionn, Rian

U11 Girls – Reiltin, Roisin, Anna, Julia, Olivia, Eleanor, Roisin

U11 Boys – Conor, Aidan, Dylan, Bodhi, Luca, Ilario, Cionnaodh, Patrick

U12 Girls – Maya, Deirbhle, Victoria, Juliette, Anna

U12 Boys – Isaac, Marty, Shane, Conor, Cameron, Johnathan, Cillian, Matthew, Paddy, Conn

U13 Girls – Laura, Georgia, Maisy, Sophie

U13 Boys – Wenie Liu

U14 Girls – Lauryn, Grace, Sadhbh, Isabella, Saidbh, Alannah

U14 Boys – Tadhg

U15 Girls – Lena

U15 Boys – Sean, Dara, George, Cillian, Fionn, Jake, Tom, Cillian

U16 Boys – Patrick, Andrew

U17 Girls – Isobel, Lilea, Ciara

U17 Boys – Jim, Andrew, Jarom, Chris

U18 Girls – Roisin, Saoirse, Emma

U18 Boys – Declan, Jevae

Official results to follow when available

One of our new Coaches Jenny has written a piece about her journey back to DSD, as her son has recently joined the club. It will be posted soon, be sure to have a read!

Carol Healy

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