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Dublin Juv Indoor Championships Day 2 Saturday 3rd Feb & Day 3 Sunday 4th Feb 2024 National Indoor Arena, Abbotstown

Hi all,

We thank you for your patience – we received further updated information from Dublin Board today and have had to amend the communication for the weekend that was due to issue first thing this morning. We are also working around personal work commitments – we hope you will understand.

We are looking forward to one of the busiest weekends on the Juvenile Indoor calendar with almost 2000 entrants in Day 2 and Day 3 of the Dublin Juvenile Indoor Championships for what promises to be an exciting weekend for all young Dublin athletes!

We appreciate there is a lot of information contained in this communication and hope that you will take the time to read it thoroughly as it has all the information that is needed for the two days of competition.

As I’m sure you can appreciate – it is a mammoth effort to co-ordinate such an event and we would like to thank over 30 DSD parents who are volunteering as part of over 300 officials that are required over Day 2 and Day 3 to run the Championships.

Acknowledgement must also go to over 20 DSD Coaches who will provide invaluable support to our 180 juvenile athletes as they compete in over 220 events over the weekend.

The Dublin Juvenile Championships is an enormous undertaking and we hope that you will understand the considerable amount of work that goes in behind the scene to ensure the event is successful and runs as smoothly as possible for everyone and we ask for your support.


Dublin Juvenile Indoor Championships

Day 2 Saturday 3rd February


Day 3 Sunday 4th February 2024

National Indoor Arena, Abbotstown





At previous competitions DSD athletes normally checked in with Sharon/Damien to get their number, however, this is not the system for this weekend’s competition.  Please follow the Check-in guidelines below:


Athletes should note check-in time and closing time for their first event and arrive in time to allow:


  • Check-in with Competition Official to collect your Number before Closing Time

  • Check-in with DSD Officials in the stand

  • Sufficient time for warm-up with Coaches


Please note there will be a check-in system operating for all events and officials will be strictly adhering to the opening and closing times.


NOTE: You will MISS your event if you do not CHECK IN before CLOSING TIME


We suggest that you aim to arrive well before Check In opens for your event to allow sufficient time.


NOTE: There were athletes who missed events last year due to missing check-in


Please be advised, the timetable is subject to change without notice, events could be earlier or later than the scheduled time.


Please listen to announcements for any amendments to the schedule.


DSD vest MUST be worn when competing.





  • All athletes MUST check in for their event and collect their number from before the closing time for their event – otherwise they will not be able to compete.

  • Athletes please DO NOT join check in queue before scheduled time.

  • Make sure athletes CHECK IN FOR ALL EVENTS if more than one event on the day

  • Athletes MUST KEEP NUMBERS if competing on both days.

  • If doing more than 1 event on the day, athletes must inform check in officials.

  • Parents have been asked by Dublin Board Juvenile Competition Officials not to join the check-in queue.  We recommend for the younger athlete one parent to stand close by just in case they require help when checking-in.  Athletes only need to confirm their Event, Age Group, Name and Club to the official.  Where possible we will have a coach on standby to help athletes.

  • Check in will close at the time stated to allow heats to be compiled and qualification for finals determined, if required.






TRACK – athletes should report no later than 15 minutes before start of event


FIELD – athletes can go directly to the event area no later than 15 minutes before the start time


Only athletes and coaches with wrist bands permitted in warm up area



Athletes returning for a final on the same day MUST retain their Bib number



Please see click the links below for information:



Day 2 Saturday 3rd February:


Day 3 Sunday 4th February:


Other Links:





Please park in designated areas only as directed by volunteers – NO PARKING on GRASS AREAS, KERBS or ROADWAYS leading to the ARENA




Doors will open at 9am for Athletes and Spectators


Entry fee - Admission for Spectators €5 - wrist band MUST be worn at all times.




Thank you to our parents who have generously put their names forward to volunteer – I will be sending additional information in a separate email.


We ask that you are respectful of all Officials and Volunteers on the day.


Please don’t hesitate to make contact if you have any questions.


Yours in Sport


Sharon Wilson

Director of Athletics Operations

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