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Dublin Juvenile Track & Field Championships

At the Dublin Juvenile Track & Field Championships, which were held at three different venues over the weekend, Santry, Tallaght and Irishtown, Dundrum South Dublin athletes were in superb form, winning no less than 32 gold medals, with an equal number of silver and bronze. This qualifies all of these athletes for the National Championships in Tullamore in July.

Laura Gallagher had an amazing haul of four gold medals; 100m; 80m hurdles; 250m hurdles and 200m, to add to her impressive Irish Schools hurdles title in Tullamore recently. Liam Jenkins was not far behind with a great three gold total for 100m hurdles; 250m hurdles and High Jump. Niamh Gowing was also in top class form with three golds for 400m; 400m hurdles and 100m hurdles. James Holden achieved a notable double in the 200m and 400m U.19. Ciaran Carthy added to his growing reputation with victories in 300m hurdles; 400m and 2nd in 100m. Molly Hourihan raced to top spot in the U.17 girls with wins in 200m; 300m hurdles and Long Jump. Cian Dunne also came home with his pocket laden with gold from 80m hurdles; 250m hurdles and long jump and silver 200m. Other gold medal winners were: Katie Magee 200m; Ali Boylan 400m; Morgan Clarkson 800m; Gavin Doran Triple Jump; Molly Mullally Javelin; Jenny Costello Hammer; Claudia Moran 75m hurdles and high jump, Hannah Bondzio 250m hurdles; Emma Roche Shot; Charlotte Burke 80m hurdles; Eva O’Donoghue Javelin. Well done to all who took part!


U12 Girls

Elena Kelly: Long Jump 3rd

Georgia O’Keeffe: 60m Sprint 3rd; Turbo Javelin 3rd

U13 Girls

Molly Mulally: Javelin 1st; High Jump 2nd; 80m 2nd; Hurdles 3rd

Abi Kennedy : 80m 3rd: Shot 2nd;

Rebecca Carthy: Javelin 2nd

Ellie Dunphy: High Jump 3rd

U14 Girls

Claudia Moran: Hurdles 1st; High Jump 1st; Shot 3rd

Jenny Costello: Hammer 1st; Discus 3rd

Elizabeth Naber: Javelin 2nd

U15 Girls

Laura Gallagher: 80m hurdles 1st; 100m 1st; 200m 1st; 250m hurdles 1st

Emma Roche : Shot 1st ; 2nd Discus

Iida Bradshaw: Javelin 2nd

Emily Bradshaw: Javelin 3rd

Aimee Kenna: 800m 2nd

U16 Girls

Hannah Bondzio: 250m Hurdles 1st; High Jump 2nd;

Charlotte Burke 80m hurdles 1st; 250m Hurdles 2nd

Evie Jennings: 250m Hurdles 3rd

Eva O’Donoghue: Javelin 1st

Roisin Healy: Long Jump 3rd

U17 Girls

Molly Hourihan:200m 1st; 300mH 1s; Long Jump 1st

U18 Girls

Ali Boylan: 400m 1st

Nicole Gallagher: 200m 3rd

Thai Daly: Triple Jump 1st

U19 Girls

Niamh Gowing: 100mH 1st; 400mH 1st; 400m 1st

Katie Magee: 200m 1st; 400m 2nd


Cian Dunphy 2nd U.10 500m

U12 Boys

Max McBreen:Long Jump 3rd

Killian O’Sullivan: High Jump 3rd

U13 Boys

Jamie Byrne: 600m 3rd

U14 Boys

Thomas Costello: Discus 2nd

U15 Boys

Cian Dunne: 80mH 1st; 250m H 1st; Long Jump 1st; 200m 2nd

U16 Boys

Liam Jenkins: High Jump 1st; 250mH 1st; 100mH 1st

Gavin Doran: Triple Jump 1st; 200m 3rd

U17 Boys

Ciaran Carthy: 300m Hurdles 1st; 400m 1st; 100m 2nd

Ben Jones: 800m 2nd; 400m 3rd

Seamus Fenton: 200m 2nd; 100 3rd

U19 Boys

James Holden: 400m 1st; 200m 1st

Paul O’Callaghan: 400m 3rd

3,000m Girls

U.19: 1stAisling King

U.18: 1stRoseanne McCullough


U14 Girls

2nd Anna Neary

3rd Ella O Donoghue

4th Saoirse O’Brien

5th Niamh Doyle


3rd Emily Bradshaw

5th Eabha Nally

U15 Boys

1st Cian O Sullivan

4th Morgan Clarkson

U16 Girls

4th Caoimhe Ní Eacháin

U.17 Boys

2nd Brian Maguire

3rd Ben Jones

U.18 Girls

1500m 1st Roseanne McCullough

3,000m 3rd William Kinsella

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Thanks to Lindie Naughton and David Bradshaw for photographs.


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