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AAI Games & Combined Events

At the AAI Games in Santry on Saturday the following athletes were in action:


Orla Walsh 27.27

James Holden 22.50

Hugh Gowing 23.71

Jamie Martin Grace 23.94


James Holden 11.43

Jamie Martin Grace 12.08

James Sullivan 12.73


Paul O’Callaghan 52.46

Pole Vault:

Kevin Byrne (3rd) 3.30


David Dagg (4th)

3rd 100 11.96; 3rd L.J 6.08; 6th Shot 8.21; 4th H.J 1.72; 1st 400m 53.73; 6th Discus 19.51; 5th P.V. 2.70; 6th Jav. 20.79; 4th 1500m 6.04.82

M50 Quadrathlon:

Ronan Gately (3rd)

100m 2nd 13.27; Shot 3rd 9.05; L.J. 3rd 4.58; 1500m 5th 5.41.

Well done to all!

<img src="" alt="David Dagghurdlesaction.jpg" />

David Dagghurdlesaction.jpg

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