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Aengus Meldon – the Virtual Interview

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In our latest interview we have 800m athlete Aengus Meldon

1. When and why did you join DSD AC?

2012, Eddie was the coach in my school and convinced me.

2. What was your best event and what event did you like best

800 for both

3. What is your favourite training workout?

3x(400, 200,200)

4. And your least favourite?

10×400 off 30 seconds

5. What is your most cherished or proudest moment in your athletics career?

Winning 800m at the Irish University Championships in 2017

6. What is your most loved athletics sporting moment of all time ?

Robert Corbally coming 2nd in National Seniors 5k

7. What is/was your favourite race / athletics meet to take part in?

Oordegam in Belgium

8. What was your worst injury – and how did you get over it?

Plantar Fasciitis-lots of rest and rehab.

9. What do/did you eat before a race and how long before did/do you eat?

It varies but always at least 3 hours.

10. If you could have dinner with 3 sporting personalities past or present who would you pick ?

Louis Zamperini, Ed Moses and Robert Corbally

11. What is your next running / athletics goal?

Break 1.50 for 800

12. How are you motivating yourself to continue training at these difficult times?

Probably will be the only time in my life I get to be a professional athlete as I have nothing else to do so it’s been no problem.

13. What piece of advice would you give an aspiring athlete?

Enjoy it and be patient.

14. Do you have any memorable or funny story from DSD that you could share?

Any time spent with Patrick Macgabhann is always memorable there would be to many to choose from.

15. Can you share an old picture from your running days

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