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BCS Training Cancelled Tuesday 7th December.

In response to the severe weather warning for tomorrow (Tuesday 07/12/21) BCS is not available for training. Therefore, BCS training is CANCELLED for all Training Groups including Juvenile, Adult & M&T.

In addition, we would like to remind members of DSD’s Weather Warning Policy, which can be viewed here. DSD members from Juvenile right through to Masters continually train throughout the year in all types of weather. In effect TRAINING IS ALWAYS ON! However, it should be noted where there is a Status Orange or Red Weather Warning issued by Met Eireann for Dublin then training is AUTOMATICALLY cancelled.

Please bear this policy in mind in the event of future weather warnings. In such events it may not be possible for the club to issue advance cancellation notices. Therefore, whenever Met Eireann issue an Orange/Red Weather Warning for Dublin and that warning coincides with our training times then all Outdoor Training is CANCELLED!


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