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Cross Country League 2 – Phoenix Park (League1 Results)

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Congrats to all those who turned out for the first of the Dublin Cross Country League, which was held in Ardgillan Park. The results of League 1 are now available – see link. DSD athletes highlighted in yellow for ease of identification, if I’ve missed anyone please advise (

As you will see the results were good for those that did turn out for League 1, however, the numbers of DSD athletes that did turn out was disappointing. We encourage all our Juvenile athletes to take part in the Cross-Country Leagues, they are a good opportunity to prepare for the Dublin Championships. League 2 will be held in the Phoenix Park this Sunday, 1st October, 2017 at 11am.

No need to register before, just turn up on the day register and get your number at the DSD tent.

Please be there an hour before to allow registration and warm up.

Club singlets must be worn.

Be prepared for all types of weather.

Bring food and drink as delays can happen.

Parents please note, each club is required to provide help at these events. The coaches are not in a position to officiate as the athletes need to be coached. For this reason we look to you to help officiate, if asked please be kind enough to make yourself available. We will try to ensure you’re not stuck with a job for the day, by getting other parents to take over. Your co-operation will be much appreciated.

Maps of the course will be posted later in the week, once we receive them from the Dublin Athletics Board. Schedule of Events.

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