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Dublin Juv Indoor Championships Day 4 SATURDAY 25th February 2023 National Indoor Arena, Abbotstown

Hi all,

We are looking forward to Day 4 of the Dublin Juvenile Indoor Championships this coming Saturday!

There are over 1100 entries for this day of competition – so it will be a busy schedule of events!

We would advise you to come prepared with sufficient food and drinks for the day and to be patient as the events progress throughout the day.

Thank you to those who have already put your name forward to volunteer – we do need additional volunteers to fulfil our required allocation and we hope you will be generous with your time if you have not already communicated your availability.

Please be kind and considerate to all volunteers and officials on the day – without them there would be no competition.

We ask you to read the following information carefully for all of the relevant competition details.

Dublin Juvenile Indoor Championships

Day 4 Saturday 25th February 2023

National Indoor Arena, Abbotstown

Please note amendments to initial timetable

Athletes should arrive at least 1hr 15mins before their first event to allow time to:

  • check in with and collect your number from the DSD Official seated in the stand.

  • allow sufficient time for warm-up with your coach and group.

  • and to go to assembly when called, 15 mins in advance of the schedule (See Warmup, Assembly/Call Room Times linked below).


Athletes who competed on Day 3 MUST bring their number for Day 4

Please remember events can be brought forward by up to 45mins before scheduled times, therefore it is important to be there at least 1hr 15mins before.

DSD vest must be worn when competing.


Athletes who competed on Day 3 MUST bring their number from that day. All Numbers will be collected by DSD Club Official and distributed to athletes as they check-in with the DSD Official seated in the stand.

Athletes competing on both Day 3 and Day 4 and/or returning for a final on the same day MUST retain their Bib number. PLEASE KEEP YOUR NUMBER.

Please see links below:

  • Day 4 Track & Warm-up/Assembly Area Timetable. Please note coaches will commence groups warm-up approx. 30mins before the Call Room Time. Provisional DSD Coach warm-up times are included in the schedule, please ensure you’re at the venue in advance of these times – COACHES WILL NOT WAIT FOR MISSING ATHTLETES!

  • Day 4 Field Event Timetable & Jumping Standards. NOTE: Due to a high volume of entries, Officials will strictly stick to the minimum jumping standards set out in the attached. Please note starting heights for the High Jump and min Jumping distance for the Long Jump.


Please park in designated areas only – NO PARKING on GRASS AREAS, KERBS or ROADWAYS leading to the ARENA

Admission for spectators €5 - wrist band MUST be worn at all times.

Please be advised, the timetable is subject to change without notice, events could be earlier or later than the scheduled time.

Please remember that all officials are volunteers and to respect their requests and direction during the Championships


When submitting your entry, you were agreeing that you’re available for that event. It is expected that you will turn up for your event. If for some reason you’re unable to attend on the day, please advise asap by email to

Please don’t hesitate to make contact if you have any questions.

Wishing all our athletes the very best of luck!

Yours in Sport

Sharon Wilson

Director of Athletic Operations

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