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Medals galore for U.14 Boys!

Our U.14 Boys were the best of our competitors at the National Even Ages Cross Country Championships in Gowran, Co. Kilkenny, yesterday, finishing 3rd and only beaten by a few points for 2nd. Our U.14 Girls finished 4th, and great credit must go to Aisling Power for giving her all, having just returned from injury. All our young athletes put in brave performances in very muddy conditions, which will stand to them in the future.

U.14 Boys 3rd

5th Conn McCluskey

8th Xaime Bereket Abeledo Chousa

48th Conor Pimlott

77th Cillian Connolly

111th Liam O'Flaherty

Conn and Xaime also won gold with Dublin (County) and Dublin (Province)

U.14 Girls 4th

23rd Anna Kellegher

45th Ellie Watters

85th Sadhbh McGee

104 Aisling Power

Anna won silver with Dublin (County)

U.12 Girls 5th

21st Lorena Butler

30th Estelle Delaney

55th Freya Gavin

66th Ruth Burke

Lorena and Estelle won silver with Dublin (County) and bronze with Dublin (Province)

U.18 Boys 6th

14th Sean McMahon; 74th Jake Mathews; Callum Downes 82nd; Cillian Chambers 88th

Sean won gold with Dublin team.

Well done to all!

Anymore photos received will be inserted!

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