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Throws Day at St. Thomas’s

Updated: May 5, 2022

Field events got under way on Sunday at St. Thomas’s, when 20 hardy club athletes braved the elements and didn’t complain much! Everyone had to do shot, discus and javelin. The best combined scorers were: u 17 boys Adam Ross; u 17 girls, Fern Casey; u 15 boys, George McGilton; u 15 girls, Lena Muzellec; u 13 boys Daniel Conroy; u 13 girls, Lauren Healy.

Thanks to coaches Vigetta Moran, John Menton, Peter Magee, Billy O Dwyer and Carol Healy who didn’t complain much either!


4 javelins St. Thomas's.jpg

Discus Damien.jpg

Girld in discus circle.jpg



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