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Update from overseas!

Hiko in 2nd place during the 10K in San Juan Capistrano, California

Following his exceptional form over the cross-country season with a national title, 13th at Euro cross and Euro Clubs bronze, Hiko Tonosa had made it clear that a few of Noel Berkeley's Club records were on borrowed time. But the training still needs to be done, the races still need to be run, nothing comes for free in this game.

Following a training camp in Ethiopia, Hiko took to the start line on 6th May at the Track Meet in San Juan Capistrano, California and duly knocked out a new Club record of 27:53.10 to take 3rd place in a high-quality race. A video is available on Youtube where unfortunately Hiko is identified as "Kipchumba" from Kenya! The pace actually slowed over the final 2K as the protagonists readied themselves for the final kick. Undoubtedly Hiko has 27:30 in the legs but nonetheless he has a Euro qualifier, 5th all-time Irish and Club record in his pocket.

Taking advantage of his form, Hiko was back on track at the IFAM Oordegem meeting in Belgium on Saturday. Another day, another Club record, this time over 5000m, 13:26.02. This run fell just short of the Euro standard, but he will be back for another crack at it in the coming weeks. We should also extend our best wishes to Hiko and his family as his Mum is ill in hospital.

Sean Roth booked a spot at the NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) championships, qualifying through the regional rounds last week with a 5.29m vault. He now progresses to compete at the famous Hayward Field at the end of next week.

After a very long absence, Zak Curran made a good return to racing over 800m at the BMC meeting in Manchester. Taking 2nd in 1.49.01 in his first 800m since August 2020, an excellent result and bodes well for much faster times later in the summer. A video of the race is here

around the 1:45 mark .

Georgie at the British Milers in August 2021

Last but not least, Georgie Hartigan took 7th at Meeting Iberoamericano in Huelva, Spain with 4:11.77 for 1500m. As things stand Georgie is qualified for both the World and European championships via her rankings. Many miles left to run yet.

Nationals in a few weeks should be tasty with titles, ranking points and championship qualification up for grabs for our superstars. Stay lean, stay hungry!

John Eves,


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