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DSD Masters shine bright!

Updated: Sep 10, 2021

A total of 11 DSD Masters athletes, including 2 Olympians (Maria McCambridge – 5,000m at 2004 Olympics and John Menton Discus at 2000 Olympics) competed at National Masters Athletics Championships held in sunny Morton Stadium, Santry on Sunday 5th Sep.

It was a truly wonderful all-round showing from the experienced DSD athletes who came away with a total of 16 medals (a remarkable return from a possible 21 races/events entered).

The highlights included two new National Masters Records:

  1. Lucy Moore-Fox (W60) threw an excellent 27.00m in the Hammer in her last outdoor event in this age category.

  2. Peadar McGing (M65) leaped 1.38m in the High-Jump.

In addition there were a number of double gold medal winners (athletes were only allowed enter a max of two individual events due to Covid Restrictions):

  • Lucy Moore-Fox in Hammer and Weight for Distance.

  • Peadar McGing in High-Jump and 100m

  • Shane Sheridan in the sprint double (100m & 200m)

  • John Menton in the Discus and Weight for Distance

A great run by Maria McCambridge saw her win gold in the 3,000m in an excellent time of 10.02.04.

Another notable event was a silver medal secured by the 1st ever Masters Mens Relay Team to represent DSD at National Masters Finals (Shane Sheridan, Ronan Gately, Kevin Byrne and anchored by James Sullivan, very soon after James had won an excellent Bronze medal in 400m).

It was an excellently organised event, the sun shone brightly throughout the day and many old and new friendships were rekindled or formed.



M60 1st Shane Sheridan 13.35

M65 1st Peadar McGing 14.06

M50 4th Ronan Gately 13.70

4 x 100m Relay:

2nd: Shane Sheridan; Ronan Gately; Kevin Byrne; James O’Sullivan


M60 1st Shane Sheridan 27.98

M50 2nd Ronan Gately 27.51

3rd Fintan Hourihan 30.20

M35 5th James Sullivan 25.71


M35 3rd James Sullivan 57.71


W45 1st Maria McCambridge 10.02.04


M50 1st John Menton 43.60


W60 1st Lucy Moore 27.00 (NMR)

High Jump:

M50 2nd Kevin Byrne 1.50

M65 1st Peadar McGing 1.38 (NMR)

Long Jump:

M50 2nd George Wyatt 5.09

4th Kevin Byrne 4.81

Weight D:

M50 1st John Menton 9.33 (35lbs)

W60 1st Lucy Moore 5.68 (9kg.)

W45 3rd Vigetta Moran 4.27 (28lbs)

Shot Putt:

W45 4th Vigetta Moran 6.48

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