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Dublin Juvenile Track & Field League 3 Sunday 16th June DSD Campus

We look forward to welcoming everyone to DSD for the 3rd and final Dublin Juvenile T&F League of 2024 this coming Sunday 16th June!


Well done to all of the athletes who have competed so far in the 1st & 2nd Dublin Juvenile T&F Leagues in Tallaght!


We had over 125 athletes from DSD competing – for some it has been their first taste of competition, others tried new events, there were medals some athletes, PBs for others and hopefully everyone has enjoyed the experience!


If you haven’t entered any of the previous T&F Leagues or T&F Championship competitions, we encourage that you consider taking part this Sunday.  The competition is on our home track and the League is a great introduction to an athletics competition.


League 3 Events: 


A schedule of the League 1 & League 2 Results for the top 6 athletes in each age group and event is available below.



How do the Leagues work?

The Leagues are an open competition you do not have to pre-register for the competition - simply turn up at least 1 hour before your first event and register with the DSD Official (at the DSD flag) to receive your Age Label.


Once you’ve registered and received your Age Label - you can compete in any or all of the events scheduled for your age group. 


Medals will be awarded to the top 3 athletes in each event on each competition day.


The Dublin T&F Leagues are a relaxed introduction to T&F Competitions.  They are a great opportunity to try new events and to get some competition experience (and practice) before the upcoming Dublin T&F Championships in May and June. We would encourage all athletes to come along and enter as many events as possible.


Please arrive at least 1 hour before your scheduled event, remember times are approximate and events can start up to 45 minutes earlier than scheduled. 


Volunteer Officials – (NO experience required!)

As with all events it is a condition of the Dublin Athletics Board Juvenile Competition Committee that all Clubs provide officials – without volunteers and officials - these competitions cannot take place.

To ensure our coaches can prepare and assist their athletes we look to parents to help when required and aim to schedule volunteers on a rota basis throughout the day to share the load. 


There are a number of parents who step up regularly - for which we are most appreciative - however we would like to invite those that have not volunteered before to also come forward. 


Please let us know when you are available - there is no prior experience required – it is a great way to learn more about the different events and give back to the athletics community.

As always we endeavour to minimise time officiating by spreading the work among many – it is much appreciated if you could make yourself available if asked to help on the day if we are asked to provide additional volunteers.


*NOTEPlease let us know if you are available to volunteer for the morning or afternoon as we are required to submit names to Dublin Board ahead of time



  • Club singlets must be worn (singlets will NOT be on sale on the day)

  • Dundrum South Dublin Athletics Club - Team Wear

  • Be prepared for all types of weather

  • Bring water/food as delays can happen

  • All clubs are required to provide officials to help at these events - it will be much appreciated if you make yourself available to help when asked.

  • Only athletes aged U10 – U16 are eligible to compete (U9 may step up to U10) U10 (born 2015 & 2016) U11 (born 2014) U12 (born 2013) U13 (born 2012) U14 (born 2011) U15 (born 2010) U16 (born 2009)

  • An athlete cannot step up or down an age in any event (except U9 born 2016 can step up to compete with U10s).


Track events will be decided on times – no heats/quarter or semi-finals



  • There will be 2 rounds of 60m/80m/100m where first 4 athletes from Round 1 will qualify for Round 2.

  • Field events – 3 throws/jumps per athlete


All competing athletes must be currently registered.


In the event of contests clashing, officials will show flexibility, ie if a competitor is involved in long jump contest and a track event/other field event is called, he/she will be facilitated to participate in both but must inform the official(s).


Parents and supporters are not permitted on the track or infield areas.


Please cooperate with, abide by and respect the decisions of the voluntary officials and organisers of the competitions.


Everyone in attendance should help keep the facilities we use clear of rubbish. Please use rubbish bins where they are provided or bring your rubbish with you when leaving!


The programmes and event orders are subject to change to facilitate the smooth running to the competition.



Limited car parking is available at the track. Click here to view Parking Arrangements.


Alternative car parking can be found a few minutes’ walk away in St Columbas College turning left at the roundabout or in Marley Park using the College Road Car Park.


For safety reasons DO NOT park on the road leading up to DSD Campus.


We ask also that you DO NOT park in the Rugby Club


We would ask that all athletes and spectators use the pedestrian pathway on the way up to the Campus if you park in either Columbas or Marlay Park – again for safety reasons.


A reminder that dogs are not permitted on the DSD Campus – with the exception of Guidedogs or Assistance Dogs. 


Additional Links:


Wishing all our athletes the best on Sunday – we look forward to seeing you there!


Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any further questions.


Yours in sport

Sharon Wilson

Director of Athletic Operations 

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