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Well done to all our Marathon participants!

A big “Well Done” to all our competitors in the Dublin City Marathon on Sunday and also to our big number of volunteers, at the Orwell Water Station, who did such a magnificent job!

Congratulations to our first male finisher Bedilu Gebreselassie (Wishu), and to our first female finisher Eileen Gillick. As can be seen, from the comprehensive report by John O’Grady, a wonderful experience was had by all.

Results to hand as follows:

Wishu Bediluu Gebreselassie 108 2.40.45

Darren Egan M.35 160 2.46.30 (178)

Fergus Collis M.35 181 2.47.59 (198)

Colm Cunningham M.40 65 2.51.43 (279)

Tony O’Halloran M.55 8 3.05.06 (855)

Shane Walsh M.40 848 3.05.56

John Yourell M.45 237 3.14.57

John Sloan M.35 1816 3.20.57

Tadhg Sullivan M.50 149 3.22.51

James Berry 3.24.10

Eileen Gillick F40 74 3.28.24

Alan Egan M45 477 3.29.01

Thomas Roche M45 687 3.39.19

Ronan McElwain M40 3.44.27

Colm Moriarity M35 3.44.44

John McDonnell M50 3.48.29

Des Fitzgerald M.45 3.49.45

Joyce Tracey F.45 3.53.46

Brian O’Gorman M.35 3.54.44

Eoin Fogarty M.35 3.54.44

Well done to all!

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