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Indoors get underway at NIA!

The National Indoor League R.1 got underway yesterday at the National Indoor Arena, and D.S.D. had a good group of athletes in action.

60m W Ht.1 Mollie O’Reilly 2nd 7.69

M Ht.4 Ciaran Carthy 1st 7.01

200m W Ht.3 Cara Murphy 3rd 26.04

M Ht.2 James Holden 2nd 22.35

Ht. 3 David Bosch 1st 22.99

Ht.5 Jack Moraghan 3rd 23.59

800m Ht.2 Charlotte Bourke 2nd 2.21.32

3,000mW Maria McCambridge 3rd 10.02.35

Long Jump Molly Mullally 5th 5.13

Shot Emma Roche 9th 7.71

Pole Vault Kevin Byrne 4th 3.60

4x400mW D.S.D. 3rd 4.04.25

(Molly Hourihan; Katie Magee; Rachel Dunne; Rachel Lynch)

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